We offer a comprehensive range of legal services to both private and business clients including the following:



Whether you are buying your first home, or are a property investor with a portfolio of properties you will need a specialist property lawyer to conduct your property sale or purchase and once you instruct Frederick Rine Solicitors, a fully experienced legal professional will be assigned to work on your behalf.
In addition to dealing with the sale and purchase of residential property we can offer expert advice and assistance on re-mortgages, home equity release loans, transfers of equity, leasehold extensions and leasehold enfranchisement and tenancy agreements. See our fees here



We are able to assist you in a huge array of matters, such as:
Advice on staying in the UK or settlement as spouses, family members, same-sex partners, domestic workers, students, work permits, self-employed and employed status, concessions, long-term residence and overstayers.
Appeals, using our own solicitors who are able to provide advocacy at the Asylum Immigration Tribunal.
Frederick Rine Solicitors are able to offer clarity and transparency in our fee structure and can normally quote a fixed fee for the case upon initial consultation. See our fees here



We have accredited status with Resolution. This is an organisation in which solicitors subscribe to a Code of Conduct that seeks to promote the ideal that any breakdown of a family relationship should be handled sensitively and in a non-confrontational manner. We strongly believe in this. However, if the circumstances demand us to take firm and decisive action, we shall do so.

The work involved may cover a wide area in which we have experience and expertise and includes amongst other things the following:

  1. Finalising a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.
  2. Resolving financial matters that have arisen out of the breakdown of a family relationship.
  3. Disputes over children.
  4. Giving advice prior to the entering into a formal relationship so as to protect the interests of our client.
  5. Given our close proximity to the local courts, we are able to make urgent applications so as to protect clients if they are at any physical risk or if there is the possibility that any assets are likely to be removed from this country etc.



If you need an agreement prepared before someone occupies your residential or commercial property or alternatively, if you require either the taking of are defending proceedings that involve the possession of any property, we can assist you by preparing and representing at the appropriate Court.



This is quite understandably not a subject most people like to discuss. However, having your will drawn up is very important and something you need to address now rather than later.

Why make a will? Well, let’s ask another question … Do you know what will happen to your home and possessions if you die without one? Most people believe that their estate i.e. their home and other possessions, will automatically pass to their immediate family without complications. This however is not the case.

When a person dies intestate, that is without having made a Will, the Laws of the Land in which the possessions are held will determine what happens to their estate and how it will be distributed. This could mean that some dependants are deprived of essential financial security and possessions whilst others might benefit when that was never the intention. You may possibly have made a Will some time ago and your family circumstances have changed, in which case your Will would need to be updated.

By making a Will you make sure the proceeds of your estate will benefit those you intended, whether they live in the UK or overseas – and in the most tax efficient way. You can also take steps to review and reduce the tax liability of your estate by making gifts to family members or by setting up trusts to make specific provisions for your family. See our fees here



Whether you have suffered an injury that has arisen following a road traffic accident, or whether you have tripped on an uneven paving stone in the street or had an accident at work or at any other place, we will advise you as to whether you have a good claim to seek compensation you for your losses. We will also discuss with you your best options as to how such a prospective claim can be funded.

We have extensive experience and skill in advising our clients in dealing with any disputes that they may have.

This includes such matters as the recovery of a debt that is owed to you or for example, if you are have a dispute with your neighbour or anyone else. We will assess your claim to see whether there is any merit in it before advising you on the best course of action in order that you can seek the appropriate redress.



Whether you are seeking to recover money from an individual or a company or if you simply are having problems managing your finances that require insolvency advice, we can advise you as to your options and if necessary, we can refer you to experienced insolvency practitioners in order to assist you.



If you have purchased a faulty item or have suffered from poor service, we can advise you on whether you can bring a claim under either the Sale of Goods or Consumer Credit Acts.



We have a team of commercial lawyers who provide advice and support to businesses on a diverse range of commercial contracts consisting of arrangements relating to every aspect of a business supply chain, from research and development through manufacturing or service provision to logistics, routes to market and after sales support.

We provide both national and international commercial support for our clients and are specialists in industry ensuring that we understand the nature and legal requirements of your business. Many of them have experience working in house.

Our clients appreciate our commercial insight as well as our technical excellence and our aim is to help them evaluate and manage legal and commercial risks and put in place the legal arrangements necessary to achieve their goals. We provide pragmatic legal solutions that meet the commercial imperative and offer clear guidance clients require before making important commercial decisions.

The global marketplace offers opportunity and risk in equal measure. The political, regulatory and commercial environment is complex and highly charged, meaning that disputes are inevitable.

We have dispute resolution professionals who are able to work throughout Europe and Africa.
We can represent companies, financial institutions and governments worldwide and can demonstrate in-depth experience in litigation, arbitration, mediation and all other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We are able to represent clients in complex multi-jurisdictional commercial disputes.

We are aware that clients require good commercial advice, which we provide in a friendly and effective fashion.


Pricing and cost transparency information Employment Matters and Tribunal Management

As a small practice, Frederick Rine Solicitors have a small Employment Team which comprises one partner and a consultant solicitor with over 40 years post qualification experience between them.

Both lawyers have different specialisms and qualifications which will ensure that client’s needs are met by solicitors with the most appropriate level of expertise and experience. Should you require more details please contact them on info@frederickrinesolicitors.com. All Employment work carried out by the Employment Lawyers is supervised by either the partner or consultant.

We have supported organisations through Tribunal claims lodged against them but our main focus is to the defence of individual, stand-alone claims for clients. At the outset of any individual claim we would ensure tasks are allocated to the right level of resource. For a straightforward unfair dismissal claim this would typically be one of our junior lawyers (solicitor and trainee). Any cost or budget would depend on the complexity of the individual claim. This will often be set by reference to the length of hearing.

For instance, an individual typical one day unfair/wrongful dismissal claim would cost on average between £8,000 and £11,000 plus VAT (based on our standard hourly rates) for us to run the claim to include a final hearing (assuming there are no case management/preliminary hearings). Employment Tribunals are currently very busy, therefore a one day claim is likely to take between 6 to 12 months to be concluded.

The key stages are drafting the response to the claim; dealing with disclosure; drafting witness statements and representation at the hearing.

We would normally instruct counsel from Chambers to undertake the advocacy. For a one day unfair dismissal claim, a typical cost for Counsel would be £1,000 per day plus VAT. Note that where VAT is stated as applicable, it will be charged at 20%.

If additional steps to those set out above need to be taken, or the matter is more complicated, due to complex preliminary issues (such as time limits or employee status), allegations of discrimination or whistleblowing, or a large number of witnesses and documents, our costs and those of a barrister might exceed the range provided. If this is the case, we will advise you on the estimated additional costs as soon as we become aware.

Where settlement with the client is reached before a final hearing, not all of the services detailed will be necessary and the cost of the matter may be at the lower end of the range provided

Our pricing, fees and hourly rates

We charge on the basis of an hourly rate and estimate the costs based on the amount of time we think the matter will take. We set out all of the rates and provide fee estimates at the outset of the case so that each client has oversight of our costs at the beginning of the case, and agrees the level of fees to be incurred. We provide regular costs updates as the case proceeds.

Our hourly rates are as follows: •   Partner, Consultant – £275•   Solicitor – £175•   Trainee Solicitor – £100