The Law is not thrust upon man; it rests deep within him to waken when the call comes.

Martin Buber

Why Choose Us?

Our team of lawyers pride themselves on giving excellent and professional advice in an informal and friendly manner.


As a result, we do not build just customer bases but strong relationships where our clients feel comfortable with coming to see us as we genuinely care and empathise with their needs and concerns. Therefore, the advice that we give and the action that may be taken as a result of that advice is done so only after careful consideration and with the possible likely outcomes in mind. In this way, we are regarded as trusted advisers and it is this approach that is used as a basis for recommendation to others.


Modern technology also plays a major part in our business so that when the occasion demands it, urgent steps can be taken speedily so as to protect our clients' interests.




What do they say about us?


Below is a selection of comments from some of our clients upon the conclusion of their matters:

"Thank you very much, I did receive the money. Really appreciate your help, efficiency and fight! You were excellent and well worth every penny" - ¯From a client who recovered substantial damages following a successful professional negligence claim against her former solicitors.


"Thank you so much. We were most impressed with the excellent service we received and in particular your courteous manner in dealing with us." - ¯from a recent purchaser of a property.


"I thank you for the way in which you dealt with my divorce. Your calm but professional approach helped me get through it." -¯ from a satisfied client following her divorce.